I’m Niklas, a Photographer and currently living in Bern, Switzerland.

My photography is focused on documenting raw and untouched places to present nature from its most fascinating sides. Through my pictures I want to raise awareness of the importance to protect and promote natural areas.

My specific work on the Swiss glaciers aims to convey the complex structures and shapes of glacial ice and how the changing global climate affects them.

I make photographs for corporate clients, architects, marketing campaigns and personal projects. I am available for assignments worldwide.

For any enquiries regarding photographic productions, image licensing, prints, brand collaborations or anything else, please write me an email and we’ll be in touch shortly.

E-mail: kontakt@niklaseschenmoser.com

Phone: +41 78 830 58 85

Instagram: niklas.eschenmoser

Website: niklaseschenmoser.com